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2023 MLL All-Stars

Please join Monarch Little League as we congratulate the following players who have been selected to be on the following Baseball All-Star teams to represent MLL in the District 2 Tournament in early July! 

 12U 13U
Rylan Borger Liam Bethea  Trevor Bramlage Josef-Henri Bachmann
James Buckley  Henry Coyle Miles Bowen
Harrison Bowen 
Nate Chance Hudson Grymes Lucci Chinatti
 Connor Carson
Cayden Hoover Carl Hasse Deegan Costello
 Gary Elson
 Oakley Katz  Mikah Howard Tyler Edwards
 Ty Erickson
Jack Merves  Blake Leggett Adam Falkenstern
 River Estrada
 Liam Mitchell  Henry Kanner Jasper Hamilton
 Jack Fisher
 Jax Paddock  Dean Karnauskas Everett Hughes
Ryder Lackey
 Rishi Prabhu Izzy Martinez Noah Silverman
Cameron Parkhurst 
 Brandon Shay  Bradley Olson-Green Jackson St. Ores
 Liam Sweeney
 Zach Vogel Drew Windt  Calvin Uhlenhake
 Ben Wilson
 Landon Wiltshire    Cooper Wrench
Luke Zeigler     



All-Stars for baseball and softball is a chance for Monarch Little League players to continue play into the summer months at a high competition level with the end goal of competing in the state or national tournament if able to win the local district tournament. Monarch Little League is part of 10 teams that comprise Colorado District 2.

Selection to an All-Star team is based on the following criteria:
  1. Player registration via commitment form
  2. Coach recommendation
  3. Tryouts 
Teams are selected by the MLL Board of Directors and assigned All-Star Managers once all information is compiled. The teams will be formed to be as competitive as possible based on the eligible and available pool of players. Teams may not be formally selected before June 1st. Typically teams will be announced on June 1 and start practices immediately after the regular season ends. The start of the district tournament is typically just after July 4th. Refer to the bottom of the page for more specific calendar dates for the current year.

If your player makes an All-Star team, they will be practicing 2 to 5 days a week into early July (at minimum). The days selected depend on field availability and what the coaching staff selects (we avoid weekends so that families can enjoy Colorado).

The District All-Star tournament is a double-elimination tournament. If you win District, then you advance to the State tournament. For Majors, Intermediate 50/70, and Juniors, if you win state, you advance to the Regionals, which are held in Texas. If you win Regionals, you advance to the Little League World Series in August, which is broadcast on ESPN!

To be eligible for All-Stars, a player must have played in a Monarch Little League regular season in at least 60% of their respective team's games. There is no cost to players to participate in All-Stars except for a uniform fee of $100. Each player will receive a jersey, pants, belt, socks, and a ball cap.

Little League has a wealth of information available on the All-Star tournament on their Tournament Resources page.

Teams and Eligibility

Monarch Little League may form the following baseball, depending on player and coach eligibility, availability, and talent. Eligibility requirements vary slightly for each team, though all players will need to provide proof of residency and birth certificates to the district for verification. All ages listed are in terms of league age as of August 31, 2023, for baseball.

Juniors All-Star Team

  • Players must be 12 to 14 years old and have played in Juniors in 60% of their team's games.
  • Only a single team is allowed.

Intermediate All-Star Team

  • Players must be 11 to 13 years old and have played in Intermediate in 60% of their team's games.
  • Only a single team is allowed.

Majors All-Star Team

  • Players must be 10 to 12 years old and have played in Majors in 60% of their team's games.
  • Only a single team is allowed.

9 to 11 All-Star Team

  • Players must be 9 to 11 years old and have played in Minors (AAA) or Majors in 60% of their team's games.
  • Multiple teams are allowed.

8 to 10 All-Star Team

  • Players must be 8 to 10 years old and have played in Minors (AAA) or Majors in 60% of their team's games.
  • Multiple teams are allowed.

If a team cannot be formed with sufficient talent to compete in the tournament from the eligible and available pool of players, a team will not be formed.

Team size is typically targeted at 12 players, but teams of 11 to 14 may be formed. A team of 11 requires a district waiver. Little League allows up to 14 players on a team though playing time is difficult to manage at that number. The minimum playing time changes at 13 players to just 1 at-bat in a game. With 12 or fewer players, the minimum playing time is 1 at-bat and 6 consecutive outs in a game.

The 9 to 11-year-old All-Star team and the 8 to 10-year-old All-Star team are unique in that both can be formed from players from either Minors (AAA) or Majors divisions. The MLL Board will keep this in consideration when selecting teams/divisions for All-Stars. 

Note that the pool of teams is large for the 8 to 10 Minors, 9 to 11 Minors, and Majors District 2 tournaments, so typically, the priority is to try to field these teams first. However, the priority varies year to year based on coach, player, and parent interests.

All-Star team tryout registration information will be sent out in early May, and evaluations will occur during mid-May. Registration will determine the pool of available players for each team. Teams will be announced on the website around June 1.

If selected, parents will be required to provide 3 forms of proof of residency. This paperwork must be provided in triplicate and be within the specified date range. Refer to residency requirements for information on valid forms of proof of residency. In addition to a copy of a birth certificate, this paperwork must be provided in the first week of all-star practice.

Tournament Information

The number of teams in each division tournament will vary from year to year. Typically, most teams are in the 8 to 10 and 9 to 11 tournaments as each of the 10 leagues in District 2 can have two team entries. The next most popular tournament is the Majors (10 to 12) tournament, where typically 6 or more teams from the district enter.

Games can be any day of the week, though they typically occur Monday - Saturday, starting at 5 PM or later on weeknights. A league will host each division tournament, and all games will be played on fields within that league. It's also possible to play every day of the week. It's typical to play only a single game on a given day, though.

2023 Specific Information

Rule changes for 2023 can be found here.

All-Star InformationEmail to parents May 1
Player Try-outsMay 21
Board/Coaches Down Selection MeetingTBD
Team AnnouncementsBy May 27
Parents Paperwork Turn inWeek of June 2
All-Star Coaches MeetingWeek of June 2
Uniform Fee$100
Practice StartsWeek of June 12th
Residency Documentation DueJune 15th
All-Star Team(s) Parade FloatJuly 4th, 8 am; Superior 4th of July Pancake and Parade Festival
District TournamentJuly 5-12
State Tournament~July 16-22
Regional Tournament~August 1-8 (Majors, Intermediate, & Juniors Divisions)
Little League World Series~August 19-29 (Majors, Intermediate, & Juniors Division)

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

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